Centre for Access is Australia’s leading training and consultancy business around disability and access.


Centre for Access was established in February 2015 by Thomas Banks from his own kitchen table. He’s a writer, author, stand up comedian, actor and businessman. He lives with mild Cerebral Palsy. He’s well known as a fierce disability advocate, an outspoken proud Queer man and visionary. He breaks down barriers every day as he makes his way through the world with an unapologetic intense energy and a zest for life like no other.

Through his business Centre for Access, Thomas delivers a range of training programs and workshops around disability and accessibility to a wide audience. He works with businesses, corporate organisations and government departments to increase their awareness so they can be more inclusive in the way they approach their work, and when they come across people with disabilities. He also delivers workshop programs to school students, delivering age appropriate content around disability, sexuality and communication

Thomas is intense in his approach. He thrives when he’s in front of an audience. He walks into any room with an energy which people are drawn to. His workshops are sometimes challenging for audiences to witness because his perspective around his lived experience of disability are often raw, honest and confronting.

Thomas is available to present at conferences, training and consultancy work.