Centre for Access is Australia’s leading training and consultancy business around disability and access.


Centre for Access was established in February 2015 by Thomas Banks from his own kitchen table. He’s a writer, author, stand up comedian, actor and businessman. He has a extensive background working in the creative sector across various capacities ranging from customer service, publicity assistant, data analyst, to project management and delivery. He lives with mild Cerebral Palsy. He’s a well known fierce disability advocate, an outspoken proud Queer identifying man and also a visionary. He breaks down barriers every day as he navigates his way through the world with an unapologetic intense energy and a zest for life like no other.

Through his business Centre for Access, Thomas provides specific tailored training and consultancy services to a range of businesses, corporate organisations and government departments around disability, accessibility and communication directly from his personal lived experiences. His work aims to address the strong need in many sectors and industries for training programs which are focused on disability education and inclusive practices to be led and delivered by those who have lived experience in that area. His knowledge and insights which he shares are often raw, honest and confronting for any audience to witness because he’s never afraid to tell it like it is.

As a business owner and experienced workshop facilitator, Thomas is intense in his approach. He brings his energetic, positive energy into every business interaction to develop a personal connection with his audiences and clients. He has the rare ability to bring people along on the journey with him, creating a intimate, safe environment where they feel comfortable to engage with him and ask questions so they take something away from the experience. He thrives when he’s in front of any audience.

Thomas is available to present at conferences, training and consultancy services within Australia and internationally.