Centre for Access is Australia’s leading training business around disability, access and inclusion.


Centre for Access provides professional training and consultancy services around disability, communication, accessibility, unconscious bias around disability and inclusion. We work with businesses, corporate organisations, government departments and broader communities to educate and support their accessibility for people with disabilities. We also deliver NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) awareness sessions for people with disabilities, families and communities to understand how to get the most out of your NDIS plan directly from one of the scheme’s first participants.


Established in February 2015 by Thomas Banks who lives with mild Cerebral Palsy, Centre for Access was born to address and break down some of the barriers which still exist in our society. Through our work, we challenge the societal barriers and the ablest perceptions towards people with disabilities which we come across every day when we access the community. We offer a competitive edge and a unique perspective which is often unheard.


But our workshops are different. They are specifically designed to be fun, informative and highly engaging. Thomas brings his big energetic energy into the room so he can connect with his audience on a more deeper level. He literally gets his participants out of their chairs, making them interact with him so they can take away something valuable from the experience. His workshops openly challenges his audience’s attitudes around disability, which often at times can be confronting to watch.


Centre for Access workshops often ends with a big dance party so you have to be ready to dance.


Centre for Access takes risks to have those confronting conversations which others won’t have.


For more information about Centre for Access and to request a quote for our services, please feel free to contact Thomas Banks at thomas@centreforaccess.com or 0407869519.