Centre for Access is Australia’s leading training and consultancy agency around disability and accessibility.


Centre for Access was established in February 2015 by Thomas Banks from his own kitchen table. He’s a young man with mild Cerebral Palsy. He’s a writer, author, stand up comedian, actor and a successful entrepreneur in his own right. He’s well known as a fierce disability advocate, a outspoken proud gay man and provocateur. He breaks down barriers every day as he makes his way through the world with a unapologetic intense energy. He’s always been curious about the world around him.

That curiosity led Thomas to establish and build his own training and consultancy agency, sharing his knowledge and lived experience from his personal perspective with a broad audience. Through the work which he delivers, he supports businesses and organisations to build their capacities to appropriately hire, engage, communicate and treat people with disabilities. He empowers them to change their organisational culture specifically around disability, challenging them to be more inclusive towards people with disabilities.

Many businesses and organisations have never had to consider people with disabilities before. They may not even have a Disability Action Plan in place, leading to them being clueless when they encounter barriers around accessibility from the general community. That is until Thomas calls them to introduce himself and his business to them. They immediately have to stop and experience what it’s like to communicate with someone with a communication impairment who they may not understand. They may feel uncomfortable communicating with him because people often feel confronted by silence.

Thomas is intense in his approach. He’s never scared to tell it like it is to any audience. His insights and his perspective as someone with a lived experience around disability are often confronting for a audience to witness because he’s brutally honest in his delivery. He challenges every participant individually during his training so they take something away from the experience. He fights disability discrimination head on, taking businesses, nightclubs and large organisations to court when they discriminate against him. He holds his ground, holding them accountable for their actions.

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