Centre for Access is Australia’s leading training and development business around disability, access and inclusion.

Centre for Access delivers professional training programs around disability, communication, access, unconscious bias around disability, NDIS awareness programs and also a range of other topics. We have worked with schools, businesses, government departments, corporate organisations, disability organisations, health services, airlines, hotels, special schools and other clients to ensure their staff receive the appropriate training so they understand how to communicate effectively when they come into contact with people with disabilities. We deliver training for parents around the importance of goal setting with their children to challenge them to dream big. We also deliver training for support staff to challenge their perceptions to ensure they understand what it takes to work in the sector and what they need to do to be a good support worker.

Established in February 2015 by Thomas Banks who lives with mild Cerebral Palsy, Centre for Access was born to address and break down some of the barriers which still exist in our society. We offer a competitive edge and a unique perspective which is often unheard.

Through his business, Thomas’ training programs are delivered from his own personal experiences living in an inaccessible world and navigating barriers in society. His experiences which he bravely presents shine a light on people’s attitudes and barriers which many people with disabilities face every day when they access the community.

But don’t expect to simply sit still and take notes during one of our training programs. Thomas’ is a highly engaging and entertaining facilitator with a fun sense of humour who believes in creating an environment where everyone can participate so they take something away from the experience. He will make you question what you think “access” is and then challenge you to think broader about what inclusion really means for people with disabilities. We push our participants out of their comfort zones for just a moment to consider what it would be like living in someone else’s reality so they understand access and inclusion in the broader context.

Thomas presents his training programs using simple methodologies; a powerpoint slide, a projector, a communication device, a white board and his voice. No complex technologies is required when you book one of our workshops. We just require a laptop to be provided and a technician to set it up and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Centre for Access is unique. Our vision is real, fresh and authentic. We tailor our training programs to cater for our clients needs to ensure it holds relevance for our audiences. We work hard to deliver because we love what we do.

Centre for Access training programs always end with a big dance party so you have to be ready to dance.

Centre for Access takes risks to have those confronting conversations which others won’t have.

For more information about Centre for Access and to request a quote for our services, please feel free to contact Thomas Banks at thomas@centreforaccess.com