Thomas Banks

Thomas Banks is a powerhouse!

Thomas grew up on a country property on the outskirts of Geelong where he spent most of his childhood, but now he lives in Geelong West. Being the 4th born out of 5 children, he learnt from a young age that if you want to get anywhere in your life, you have to speak up and be heard. It’s with this mindset, he pushes himself out into the world every day and demands people’s attention and to be listened to. His family never treated him any differently because of his disability and he demands the same respect from society as he makes his way through the world.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur with a disability, Thomas has a professional background in the creative industry working as a actor, writer and comedian. He’s a extremely well known public figure in the Australian disability and LGBTI communities because he constantly pushes himself out into the community with a profound, unapologetic energy which is like no other. He literally lights up the room when he walks in, which is a rare skill for anyone to encompass.

Empowered by the influence of Kelly Clarkson, Thomas literally never stops. He’s always working on that next artistic project, performing his work at a open mic comedy gig, delivering a intense workshop for a business or a major corporate organisation or travelling around the world with a confident energy. He’s never scared to dream big and go for what he wants in life. He does this every day with his business, his creative career and his life in general. He has always had a stubborn, determined mindset which gives him the freedom to live a big life and to work hard.

Thomas is definitely one of a kind.