Thomas Banks

Thomas Banks is a powerhouse!

Thomas grew up on a country property on the outskirts of Geelong where he spent most of his childhood, but now he’s based in inner city Melbourne. Being the 4th born out of 5 children, he learnt very early on you need to speak up and be heard if you want to get anywhere in your life. He watched his parents work hard every day both on the farm and in their small business so he learnt the value of hard work and persistence. Thomas pushes himself out into the world and demands that people’s attention.

Empowered by the energy of Kelly Clarkson, Thomas literally never stops working. He’s always working on that next creative project, performing his work at an open mic comedy gig or delivering a intense presentation. Away from his work life, he loves travelling around the world with a confident energy. He’s never scared to dream big, set organisational goals and work hard to achieve them.

Thomas is definitely one of a kind.